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Individual Coaching Sessions

Let's Workout

What better way to discover the areas you need to work on than to get personalized attention from me.  If you are wanting to go for a ride, run, have an indoor trainer session in your home or even go for a swim, we will find a convenient time and make it happen.    


$100 an hour 

Let's Talk

Sometimes you just need to talk through your goals, aspirations and dreams and I am here to help you through that process. We can meet at a local coffee shop or schedule a time to talk on the phone.    


$50 an hour

Let's Shop

Thinking about buying a new bike but have no idea where to start?  I can help you through this process by going with you to your local bike shop and test riding various bikes, investigating your options and coming home with that nice new shiny bike.


$150 - 2 Hour Minimum/Each additional hour $50

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