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Custom Training Plans

I have heard time and time again that the best part about having a coach is being able to be the athlete.   So what does this mean?    With the help of Training Peaks on online training platform, I am able to write weekly training plans for you.  The convenience of Training Peaks is that you will receive a daily e-mail with your workout or you can access the program by logging in on your own.  As a result of this remote capability, we don't even have to live in the same state for this to work effectively.  


Once we have discussed your training, racing and/or individual goals, I will develop your workouts specifically for you to succeed.  


Each plan includes the following benefits

  • Customized Weekly Training Plans

  • Endless e-mails and an occasional telephone call to catch up and review your progress

  • Heart rate and/or power testing to determine your individual training zones

  • Training plan updates, as requested or needed

  • Subscription to Training Peaks Basic program


Monthly Fee = $250

Initial Set-Up Fee = $50

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