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Camps and Clinics

Do you have a group of friends that share a similar passion as you?   If so, I can assist with organizing a triathlon camp, cycling clinic, running clinic or open water swim.  


Some clinics I have organized in the past include:

  • Ban Camp, a triathlon camp with swimming, biking and running in one day.  

  • Women's Cycling Camp in Manlius NY, focusing on skills and race tactics.  

  • Women's Climbing Clinic in Skaneateles, NY, discovering the techniques required to become a better climber.   

  • Women's Mountain Bike Clinic that met every Sunday for six weeks developing the skills necessary to navigate the trails in New Jersey, which can be a bit technical.

So if you have an idea for a camp or clinic, contact me at 201.481.1617 to discuss location, type of camp or clinic, and the fees associated with planning and guaranteeing the athletes have a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

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