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Mara Miller - Head Coach



"This is When It Counts"

Getting to know me

Mara Miller

I have been an athlete all of my life and at a very young age my father, who was a coach himself, told me that I should be a coach too.  

I started playing baseball with the boys when I was six and played about every sport imaginable including basketball, softball, tennis, volleyball, track, coxswained for a crew team, flag football, road and mountain biking.  I attended college on an athletic scholarship and lettered all four years in basketball and softball. I was the Player of the Year in softball my junior year. Following college, I began bike racing, where I raced professionally and achieved two USA Cycling Masters National championship titles in the road race and the criterium. After my racing days, I competed in triathlons and continue to challenge myself at running races, long distance road and mountain bike rides, Gran Fondo events, and of course at the weekly Wednesday night rides with the boys.   

And now the universe has spoken and it is time to turn my passion into my treasure, so I introduce to you Double Star Coaching. If you are looking to reach your goals in triathlon, bike racing, a Gran Fondo, marathons, centuries, 5K, 10K, half marathon, or just want to find your inner athlete, I can help.


How may I help you

reach your Goals?

Lots of options, opportunities and adventures to explore.

Just click on one of the stars below to find out more.  


Training Plans


ATHLETE Expressions

Thanks so much Mara! 
I can only respond by saying I have a great coach!!!

- Chris

 I am beyond happy- I am Joyful!
You have given me a priceless gift. 

- Lucy

Thank you so much for putting on this great event.  
I met so many strong ladies.

- Alisa

Mara Miller

Double Star Coaching LLC


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